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Artisan Yurt workshop:
custom-made mongolian yurts, Indian native tents, geodetic greenhouses


The cost of the yurts depends on the diameter and type of the selected yurt: YURT TYPES

Base Yurt:this is similar to the Mongolian Yurt, with just one door whit glasses
Yurt 2/3 petals and Rainbow Yurt: Yurt more bright with more openings to make the interior space more livable. The dimensions of the yurts range from 4 meters to 7/8 meters in diameter
Excellent for activities like yoga and meditation in the garden and in the countryside.

the yurt Pack we build includes:
larch wood yurt structure and larch Chestnut roof poles
three layers of FABRICS:
1 layer of cotton inside and 1 layer outside of strong Polycotton canvas Water-resistant
1 intermediate layer layer of HEMP FELT thickness 4 cm

Other options not included:
Support platform
transport and assembly

immagine yurta 3 petali
Basic Yurt with one door

Costum Yurts, Indian tents and geodetic wooden Greenhouses

Request a quote or contact us for more information:

workshop location
venice mainland

contatto telefonico
0039 347 4048386

cavalli e yurte

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