struttura della yurtala macchina cucire industrialestruttura della yurta

Materials for an ecological sustainable Yurt

In the light and transportable structures, the use of wood is; essential to stability and solidity of the structure. It is surprising how the need to reduce the use of wood and the transportability is; they have made it the yurt is a light construction, easy to fit in a day even in two people. The use of wood according to the respect of the woods & agrave; limited to the structure and openings. Fundamental role in the Yurt plays the sheets, which envelop and close the structure in a compact unit
3 STRATEGIES well together:
- natural, robust and water-resistant outer covering in linen and cotton
- the natural wool felt as thermal insulation, you can; choose a thin 1 cm thick felt or more; 4 cm thick
- the cotton sheet as an interior finish layer.

cucitura del telo lino cotone con doppio risvolto per tenere l'acqua

Here is an example of sewing the external linen cotton linen, with a double-folded seam type to resist more water.

Yurt building

metodo di curvatura a vapore dei legni
curving of the wall battens for a more complete structure; resistant

la struttura della yurta
fundamental elements in the structure of a yurt are the perimeter walls made of accordion or bellows, this unique technique of the yurt allows to reduce the use of wood, reduce its weight and facilitate transport, taking up little space.

dettaglio lavorazione del legno ad incastro
dettaglio lavorazione del legno ad incastro

elements made interlocking in the construction of doors and windows

dettaglio porta della yurta nell' orto

type of processing of the door, with strips that create bevels and shadows

request a door or a design you like

interno della yurta

interno della yurta

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struttura yurta