schema della yurtadisengo yurtaschema della yurta
How is made a Yurt?>
379/5000 Characteristics of the Yurt is the circular shape, consisting of a wall of wooden slats and a roof structure of about 60/80 poles supported by two or four columns and joined by a circular crown that supports a small windowed dome and open to the sky.

Here is a diagram that illustrates how it works a Yurt:

schema spaccato composozione della yurta

To hold together the parts, the wooden structure of the walls and the roof, a whole series of sheets:
from the first inner cotton sheet, as aesthetic finishing, to the second layer of insulating felt to maintain a good temperature both summer in winter and the water-resistant outer cloth that closes the yurt and envelops it, creating a compact whole. A fourth external cotton sheet is also possible reinforced to protect the water-resistant cloth.
All This set make the Yurt a small house flexible and resistant House
even to extreme natural events.

Its shape is expertly designed to allow a natural circulation air and do not get too hot in the summer, in fact the sheets can be raised and opened at will just like a curtain and then be closed and protected at night. During the day it can also be used; stay open like a room in the garden.

movimento dell'aria all'interno della yurta
Air recirculation system inside the Yurt

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struttura yurta